Midwifery Matters Autumn 2017 Issue 154


Editorial 2


A-Equip: Naked and Vulnerable? Deb Hughes and Helen Shallow 4
Midwifery from the Heart
Choice vs Coercion Ian Kemp, Karen Lawrence 8
Breastfeeding? Try a Brelfie Laura Godfrey-Isaacs 12
From High to Low – The Story of a Midwifery Career Angie Barrett 13

News & Reports

Standing Orders – Midwives’ Haven – B!RTH @ The Fringe 14
ARM’s Energetic Year Katherine Hales
The Art of Birth Hilary Rosser 16
Poetry: A Tool for Reflection Nicky Grace 17
Fun into Fundraising 18
Continuity: One Year On Jo Dagustun 20
Relax, Reconnect, Retreat 21
Events & Local Groups 22

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