Midwifery Matters Autumn 2015 Issue 146


Editorial 2

News and Views

National Maternity Review 3


Just Keep Swimming! Katie Wainwright 5
The Student and the Phoenix: Transformation in Action Nicolette Peel 6
Transformation: From Clinical to Academic Midwife Bev Jervis 8
Growing into Blues Jude Jones 10
My Birthing Journey Maria Kefalogianni 11
Halfway Through My Year in Amish Country Suyai Steinhauser 14
Florence and the (Birth) Machine Bev Jervis and Chantelle Thornley 16
Why We Need to Talk About CMV Caroline Star 19


Supporting Midwives, Supporting Women 24
In Memory of Dr Dora Henschel, MBE 25

Book and film reviews

Winter’s Child 28
A Passion for Birth 30

What’s on

ARM Retreat 23
Oxytocin 2015: ARM Conference 27
Diary Dates 34
Local Groups 35

Get involved 34

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