Midwifery Matters Autumn 2010 Issue 126



Commissioning Maternity Services Margaret Jowitt 2


Caesarean section – Just another way to have a baby? Geraldine Butcher 3
Pregnancy and newborn screening in Scotland Lucy Powls 5
My road to midwifery Sophia Kozlowski 9
Being a midwifery student – A transformational experience Lisa Milner-Smith 10
Logan’s Birth Rebecca Macdonald 12
Goodbye little one – Reflection on caring for a still birth Alison Campbell 15
Listen in to Mother: All you wanted to know about EFM but were afraid to ask Fraser Morton 17
Selection bias in the Albany HIE audit Margaret Jowitt 21

Conference report

Midwives Rock! Julie Dawid 25


Summer national meeting report 27


Burning issues in midwifery 22

News & Views

Book review 26
Perinatal Mortality 2008 33
King’s Fund – GPs and maternity care 36

What’s on

AGM,Yorkshire Dales 35

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