Midwifery Matters Autumn 2009 Issue 122



Balance of Power Margaret Jowitt 2


Power, Places and Spaces Irene Walton 3
Words: Weapons of Mass Destruction Kate Lamb 7
Vitamin K: Informed consent? Zoe Grindley 8
Waterbirth: Is it a real choice Amanda Benko 9
Reclaiming a home birth Julia Edwards 13
Duty of Care: GBS home birth Lesley Price 14
Mary’s Story 15
Midwifery training in the 1950s Ishbel Kargar 17
Back to being a midwife Wendy Blackwood 18
My Homebirth Catherine Dobson 19
The Magic Mist Rosie Smith 20
Independent Placement Suzanna Hinchcliffe 21


Yurt – 2009 22
Summer National Meeting report 24

Conference reports

MAMA conference 25
Legal Birth 26


Epidural debate 28
‘Had enough’ 30


Summer National Meeting 35

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