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Benefits of membership: A quarterly journal called Midwifery Matters which offers a progressive take on issues relating to maternity and midwifery.

Reduced price to the quarterly national meetings of ARM.

Access to local groups for support with like-minded people. (If there isn’t one in your area, contact us to learn how to start one.)

We are an organisation concerned with everything midwifery and maternity. Many of our members are midwives but we really want to encourage anyone who cares about midwifery and birth to join us. Some of our most active members have not been midwives. It is so important to break down the barriers between midwives, doctors, doulas, childbearing women, partners, grandparents so we will offer you a warm welcome.

The support that members give each other is crucial for us all. We have collective expertise and years of experience in addressing challenges in the world of childbirth and each member benefits from this collective strength. Another really exciting aspect of ARM membership is the chance to get involved with creating improvements in maternity services at local, national and even international levels. We are involved with organisations and programmes as a stakeholder and we are determined to give you a voice. As an organisation we are non-hierachical, every member is equally valued. We are committed to a positive and supportive attitude and we reject bullying.

Be part of the solution. Join ARM today.

Membership costs just £40 per annum. Student midwives and the unemployed cost £18 per annum. Overseas membership costs £50 per annum.

Please download this subscription form and send to the membership secretary as indicated on the form.