Instructions for joining webinars

Big Blue Button

We are using Big Blue Button for these webinars and our thanks go to the University of the West of Scotland for sponsoring us

In your browser,  preferably Firefox, go to the following address

Login using your own first name and the password Midwife1976 (exactly like this)

If nothing happens the moderator is not there. You cannot get in til the moderator is present.

Follow the instructions on the screen. It will ask you to check your headphone connections and sound levels. Go ahead with these – you are on mute when you enter the room so you will not disrupt anything.

Once all is set up, sit back and enjoy.

What is there to see?

On the top left will be a box showing the users and who has moderators rights i.e. who chairs the session. And organises who can speak etc. A second box beneath this also lists all the participants.  This is for the moderator to enable her to mute everybody!! Or give permission to speak depending how we run the session. Very useful if there are 50 chattering midwives!!

Above this box are two icons.

The webcam is not surprisingly the icon to click to display yourself via your webcam. We will play with this but usually only have it on for the presenter and even then may have to turn it off after the initial few minutes as it can interfere with the listener’s reception. You will need to click on the little arrow at the bottom of the vid of yourself to share with the rest of the participants.

The headphones allow you to speak. So if you want to say something you will need to turn this on.

A third one will appear if you are given presenters rights – a TV allowing the presenter to show her desktop. We don’t usually use that.

At the bottom of the users box is a hand. One of the best ways of asking a question is by raising your hand and this icon does this. Then the moderator gives permission to ask the question. You can then mute or unmute yourself to ask that question.

The other way to ask questions or join in the discussion is using the top right box. This is the chat box!! Type in your comment or question in the oblong box at the bottom and click send and the moderator will watch for these. Often this box is almost as exciting as the presentation as people comment on the presentation, add to the discussion, say Hi to other participants. Great fun!! Even more fun if you change the colour of your chat by clicking on the black box next to the oblong box.

Finally in the centre of the screen is the presentation box. Here you can display a presentation such as powerpoint or a word document such as an agenda. This is loaded via a square icon at the bottom left of this box visible to the presenter only. In the middle is the means of moving slides on. There is no means of removing this item so in reserve have a blank word document or slide to display.

Hint for presenters of powerpoint presentations. It is always useful to have a blank slide at the end as then the audience is not distracted by what is on the screen during question time.

What else? Well if there is a vid link of a presenter you can move the box out of the way. A good place to put it is in the bottom right box.

Other than that let’s go……


If you miss a session, worry not. These are all recorded and the links will be sent to us for publication on the website.  So be warned. You are being recorded!!


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  1. So, all looks totally beyond me but perhaps a listen to the recording will alleviate fears? Please let me know when it’s available

  2. Any way of watching this on an ipad? The website says it needs Flash after logging in, which isn’t available on the ipad.

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