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4.9.13 Linda Wylie  ARM info presentation  Link to webinar (Starts approx 30 mins into the recording)
2.10.13 Mary Ross Davie One to one care  Link to webinar (Starts about 15 mins into the recording)
6.11.13 Geraldine Butcher  Fear of Birth  Link to webinar (Starts 57 mins into the recording)
4.12.13 Joy Horner  Breech Birth   Link to webinar (Starts about 15 minutes in)
8.1.14 Penny Simkin Traumatic BirthReferences  Link to webinar (Starts about 15 mins in)Blog on debriefing
5.2.14 Sheena Byrom Who’s decision is it anyway? Link to webinar (Starts about 20 mins in)




Joanne Parkington


Sylvie Donna


 Privatisation v quality of care


Co-promising or compromising communications

 Link to webinar(starts about ten minutes in)


Link to webinar


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    1. Hi There is one this coming Wednesday 14th May. 8pm. Sylvie Donna will be discussing communication. Co-promising or compromising communication

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