Wigan 13th Annual Study Day 18th March 2017

Wigan 13th Annual Study Day 18th March 2017

Are you alarmed by the legislative changes occurring within the midwifery profession? Would you like to meet up with other midwives of like mind? Wigan have chosen these and other threats to debate at their annual study day ‘Midwifery: A Profession under threat?’Great speakers include Baroness Cumberlege, Mary Renfrew and Billie hunter. Just £45 for ARM members, (£55 non members)  or £20 for student ARM members (£25 non members). Booking form March 18th 2017

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2 Responses

  1. If anyone thinks regulation is the way to change clinical practice and to improve professional performance then it is a sad day for our patients, profession and to the NHS. We have regulation till cows come home. GMC, NMC, CQC, Race Relations Act and many equality and inclusion act and so on. Sad reality is regulation means there are lawyers involved which means it is confrontational and dragged on by both sides which means it wastes lot of money and all it does it those who should be removed will be protected for long time and those who provide good care but make genuine mistake or where there are systems failures end up blaming good doctors and nurses and that too if you are junior doctor or a BME or someone who raises concerns like a Whistleblower!

    So regulation is not the solution to make NHS safer or better or to improve practice. It is all about caring for our staff and working with them, listening to their day to day frustrations and pain and engaging staff and patients and working with staff by teaching training, giving them adequate time to provide good care and put excellent systems and process so that harm to patient is minimised and learning from mistakes and improving care.

    Happy staff – happy patients. Let us reduce regulation burden on staff and let us put regulation on managers and Board leaders for promoting good culture and staff feedback, patient feedback and clinical and financial performance is used as to measure the performance of the Board and to hold the Board members to account and then only NHS will be safer and better and NHS will be the best Institution in the World.

    Sad reality is in kind, caring compassionate NHS bullying, harassment, victimisation, poor team working, poor governance and poor accountability is common and this results in harm to patients and staff and lot of cover up goes on. But there are some Institutions like Wigan, Salford, New-Castle, Northumbria and few others are doing well. Important is to learn from good and transform NHS and patient safety

    Maternity must be a wonderful experience for mother, child and the staff and child birth must be most wonderful experience for mother, baby and the staff. But sadly sometimes things do go wrong and this is why staff and patient engagement along with good culture of learning and good accountability for all is important.

    1. I think I (Nicky) agree Umesh. Regulation has been a bit of a mixed blessing for midwives. It did help to establish the midwifery profession in Britain and this gave a certain legitimacy to an ancient art/activity. However, with regulation comes restriction. The idea is to protect the public – but as you say, happy staff – happy patients. Even in spite of all the problems with regulation there doesn’t seem much of an appetite to actually do away with it. We’re all institutionalised no doubt! What should practitioners do in reality? If we leave our professional regulators we can’t practice legally in many cases.

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